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  • 6*19 PVC Coated  Steel  Rope

    Contact Now6*19 PVC Coated Steel Rope Transparent plastic steel wire rope PVC 6*19+FC Quick Details Packaging & Delivery How to Measure the Diameter of Wire Rope Main Applications : Various equipment for hoisting , derricking , lifting and drawing . Similar applications Products 6*19+FC 6*19+IWS 6*19+IWR Advantages of PVC wire...Read More

  • 6*7 PVC Coated Steel cable

    Contact Now6*7 PVC Coated Steel cableTRANSPARENT PLASTIC STEEL WIRE ROPE 6*7+FC 6*7+IWS (7*7) Quick Details Packaging & Delivery Type and Direction of Lay Main Applications : Various cable carriage , rope and belt conveyer , ropeway drawing , slope winch , etc .. Similar applications Products 6x7+FC 6x7+IWS the Raw Material...Read More